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      To order call 800-533-4984 / 801-566-1200

      Sterishot II Filshie Clip Applicator for Female Sterilization. Now FDA Approved and available in the USA.

      Utah Medical Products Spotlight

      Utah Medicals' Femcare® subsidiary is recognized for its leading global brand the Filshie® Clip System – the first choice for female surgical contraception.

      Utah Medical produces high-quality, cost-effective medical equipment and medical supplies that solve clinical needs and improve patient outcomes in obstetrics, perinatology, gynecology, electrosurgery, neonatology, pediatrics, urology, blood pressure monitoring and blood management..Utah Medical Products, Inc.® with particular interest in healthcare for women and their babies, develops, manufactures and markets specialty medical devices designed for better health outcomes for patients and their care-providers.

      Corporate Fact Sheet
      UTMD Article - Business In Focus July 2018

      Utah Medical Featured Products

       Supra-Foley Suprapubic Catheter Introducers provide efficient suprapubic bladder catheterization during urinary drainage. NOW AVAILABLE! An ENFit™ Family of Enteral Only feeding catheters, extension sets, and syringes. The trusted safety and reliability of Nutri-Cath® catheters with new ENFit™ connections. Request more information

      Bari-Belt is a fetal monitoring abdominal toco belt for beriatric patients. The new CVX-Ripe® cervical ripening catheter provides simultaneous gentle pressure at the internal and external os, and within the cervical canal to improve the favorability of the cervix during induction of labor.

      UTMD Financial Results

      In 3Q 2018 Utah Medical maintained excellent profitability, with a Gross Profit Margin of 60.6% and a Net Income Margin of 65.1%. Investors

      Utah Medical Products Worldwide

      Utah Medical Products has established relationships with more than 200 distributors Global Map - Utah Medical is expanding the availability of our life-saving specialty medical devices across the globe.throughout the world. Global